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IMUGARD® III Leukocyte Filter System

Stable, Rapid Filtration of Leukocytes and Micro aggregates:

IMUGARD III is a leukocyte removal filter system made from biocompatible polyurethane material. Highly porous, this material provides stable filtration of leukocytes and microaggregates.

Within the filter, patented technology ensures optimal pore size distribution and pore density. Entrapment of leukocytes is achieved mainly by pore size distribution within the filter, with very limited cell-material interaction. The absence of cell or protein activation yields blood products of very high purity.

  • Made from unique microporous polyurethane filter material for biocompatibility
  • Stable and specific pore size for reliable filtration
  • Average residual leukocyte count below 2 × 105
  • Requires no rinsing
  • Easy to handle
  • Color-coded clamps for easy identification