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Blood Bank Solutions

Product Overview

Advanced Automation:

A New Level in Whole Blood Processing.

With Reveos, automation of whole blood processing is poised to improve operations and deliver impressive benefits to the blood center. The Reveos system is an easy-to-use platform that automates and integrates the manual steps of whole blood processing: from start to finish, whole blood to platelet concentrate.

In a single run you can process four units of whole blood. With the touch of a button; plasma, platelets and leukocytes are expressed into their respective product bags, and each bag is sealed.

TRAC II Terumo Recording & Automatic Blood Collector

Automated blood collection, mixing and recording device

The T-RAC II device is a combination of scale and mixer that standardizes the whole blood collection process.

User-friendly features combined with advanced technology make the T-RAC II device easy to operate.

Compact, lightweight and sturdy, the device is suitable for use in blood centers and on mobile drives.

Material: TRAC II Brochure

T-Seal II the New Standard for High Quality Seals

  1. Optical Tube Detection Eye for Precise Sealing
  2. Compact, Lightweight and Quiet
  3. Slim Profile Design with Easily Removable Cleaning Head
  4. Ability to Adjust Segment Lengths
  5. Tension Relief Arms Prevent Traction on the Tubing During Sealing Process
  6. Indication of Led Ring Allows Easy Follow-Up for Status of the Machine
  7. Error Indicator on Top for Quick Visibility
  8. Reliable High Quality Seals that are Easy to Separate

Materials: T-Seal-II-Brochure

The T-SEAL Mobile is a fully automated handheld sealer used to seal PVC and EVA tubing associated with blood collection and processing. Compact, lightweight, and reliable, the device may be used anywhere in your blood center or lab where a seal is needed and while the donor is still connected to a disposable tubing set. The battery pack slips easily into a lab coat pocket and can power up to 1,500 seals per charge, bringing greater convenience and enhanced efficiency to the operator and improve processes.

Donor Station DC200/Luxury Donor Couch LC 300
With our blood donor couches, we make the conditions surrounding blood donation safe, pleasant, and convenient. Our donor stations bring safety and comfort to the donor without compromising the standard operation. Its special design helps to prevent a vasovagal attack, and if a vasovagal attack does occur, a one-touch rocker switch enables the operator to quickly lower the donor’s head.

Brochures below.

Donor Station DC200

Luxury Donor Couch LC300

Blood donor station LC200
Blood donor station LC200
Blood donor station LC300
Blood donor station LC300

Blood Bank Refrigerator
Helmer Scientific high performance blood bank and pharmacy pass-thru refrigerators are a result of over 40 years of proven refrigeration solutions and attention to detail. Superior temperature uniformity, outstanding reliability, and exceptional benefits bring value every day, leaving you to focus on your critical work while your products receive Helmer Scientific’s TrueBlue™ protection
. Pass-Thru-Refrigerator-380222-1.pdf ( download brochure here  


Blood Bank Refrigerator Blood Bank Refrigerator

Plasma Freezer
GX Solutions professional medical-grade -30°C freezers are designed for the unique needs of critical healthcare applications such as the storage of plasma and blood products. They deliver optimized control in three important areas: temperature, noise, and energy management. Powered by OptiCool™ technology, GX Solutions provide improved performance and user experience through energy efficiency, low noise levels, and stable storage environments to safeguard your valuable blood products.
Freezer-GX-380477-1.pdf ( download brochure here

Platelet Agitator/Platelet Incubator

Industry-leading performance and innovation in platelet storage Life-saving platelet products are critical to patient care. Helmer Scientific Pro Line incubators and agitators combine innovations in performance, reliability, and efficiency to offer optimized platelet storage and support blood bank compliance. Pro-Line-Platelet-Storage-Systems-380450-1.pdf ( download brochure here

Blood Bank Centrifuge

Since its foundation in 1904, Hettich has worked with scientists to deliver equipment that meets the demands of the modern laboratory. Hettich uses over 116 years of experience in the laboratory market to engineer application-specific and general-purpose products that improve workflows and provide the best user experience. Hettich_Blood-Transfusion_EN.pdf ( download brochure here