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Konrad Science

We aim to improve patient care through provision of life technologies, guided by the strong motivation of constant innovation to solve challenges within the Medical, Laboratory, Scientific and Research sectors.

What we do

We provide healthcare technology solutions to clients within East Africa, and offer the service back up and support for these life technologies.


Our Story

…from the first time we offered the first functional apheresis solution in East Africa, helping patients who highly needed this service; to the steady expansion into therapeutic apheresis. We have evolved and learned to listen to our clients, walk with them during the deployment of new technology and as the journey continues, we will always be an integral part of their success.

Why Choose us

At Konrad Science, we are led by a team of dynamic entrepreneurs with a wide range of experience within integrated disciplines in healthcare, biomedical engineering, professional business management, finance, accountancy, marketing and new product development.


Members of the victorious team are guided by the Company’s core values of Integrity, Trust and Innovation; policies that propels us to higher levels every day.

24x7 Support

Beyond product warranty and guarantee, our factory trained team of application specialists and biomedical engineers will ensure our product solutions are always serving your needs

Global Partners

Our reputable global partners are constantly investing to ensure the solutions we provide meet the highest threshold in safety, efficacy and efficiency

Reliable Technologies

  • Terumo BCT
  • Helmer Inc.
  • Hettich
  • B Science Global

Partnering with the Best