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Archimede® Automated Blood Component Extractor

Archimede® Automated Blood Component Extractor

Delivering consistent, high-quality blood components

Take control of your blood component extraction process with Archimede. Designed to deliver flexibility and efficiency, the device provides control and management of extraction and helps you produce high-quality products.

Smart Tube Handling: Ease of Use

  • Indicates status with colored LED lights
  • Facilitates tube placement
  • Detects incorrect tube insertion
  • Detects moisture to maintain durability

Air  Removal  From Plasma Bag: Low discard rates.

  • Mechanical  press  to  create pressure on the plasma bag,
  • An  optical  sensor  to trigger  clamping  and  sealing
  • Low plasma loss  (2  mL  to  5  mL)  that  is returned  to  the  buffy coat
  • Removable,  based  on  process  requirements

Stand Alone  Bench  Equipment: Increased  flexibility

The Archimede  can be used as stand alone

  • Weighing Scale with Barcode Scanner
  • Tube Sealer


IT Connectivity and Remote Trouble Shooting